Ben Rynderman - Criminal Defence Solicitor Sunshine Coast

Principal Lawyer of Lumme Rynderman Legal

Ben Rynderman was admitted as a Solicitor in the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2015 and has attained considerable experience in multiple jurisdictions, advocating for clients in Magistrates, District and Supreme Court proceedings and instructing Counsel in both District and Supreme Courts.

He also gained invaluable experience as a leading law clerk working on the Grantham Floods Commission back in 2015.

Ben has a Research Masters degree in Creative Industries, Bachelor degrees in both Law and Music and multiple qualifications in teaching. Thanks to his breadth of knowledge and skills, he approaches complex problems in a systematic and lateral fashion.

His extensive business experience includes management roles at Toll Logistics and TAFE Institutes around Australia.

He has also worked as an Associate Lecturer in Music and Music Business for institutions including Central Queensland University and Box Hill Institute.

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