Our Criminal Defence Firm Client Testimonials

Christine C

"Chris Lumme recently represented our son on a broad range of charges that he accumulated as a result of a psychiatric implosion. Altough we could have afforded private counsel, the matter was dealt with entirely via Legal Aid, something that initially concerned both his mother and I. We needn't have been. Chris was truly dedicated, but also bright, thorough and tenacious. We were pleased enough that our son only received large fines and suspended sentences but Chris offered to challenge the findings. We thought this was "wing and a prayer" territory, but today we heard that all charges had been dealt with as "no convictions recorded", a truly stunning but inherently just outcome given all circumstances. We could just hug him. If you need someone in this area of law, I doubt many could do as good a job. An admirable legal warrior we heartly endorse."

Tammy B

"I Highly recommend Chris Lumme who willingly assisted in our case and worked diligently over a lengthy period in fighting for justice for Hank the Neo Mastiff. We are so grateful for his dedication & eventual success in bringing our much loved pet home."

David S

"Very understanding and supportive through the whole process and returned a great result for all concerned. I would not hesitate to engage this firm again if the need arises."


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