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Our experienced criminal lawyers specialise in helping people. Our role is not to judge you. Our criminal defence firm offers comprehensive legal advice and support to you so that you can make informed decisions. We are expert legal strategists with a wealth of experience, and we fight hard for clients even when the system seems balanced against us.

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1. Criminal Law

Our criminal defence law firm specialises in defending criminal charges brought against you, whether by Police or a regulatory body.

Criminal charges can include weapons offences/illegal firearms, property crimes, drug crimes, violent crime, sexual offences, drink driving and drug driving offences, as well as dishonesty offences such as fraud, burglary, robbery, unlawful use of a motor vehicle etc. 

For the best criminal defence lawyers Sunshine Coast has to offer, choose Lumme Rynderman Legal. We will provide you with the best defence possible for your particular case. Whether you need a drug charge lawyer, or another type of experienced criminal solicitor, Lumme Rynderman Legal can help. 

2. Mental Health

Our Sunshine Coast criminal lawyers assist clients in wading through the processes of the Mental Health Court and Mental Health Review Tribunal.

The Mental Health Court decides whether a person charged with a crime is unfit for trial or was of unsound mind at the time the offence took place. A person can be found unfit for trial either permanently or impermanently. 

The Mental Health Court informs the Review Tribunal of decisions made involving forensic orders or treatment support orders. The Tribunal is then responsible for the review of those orders in accordance with statutory timeframes.

3. Domestic Violence

Our criminal law solicitors support aggrieved persons and respondents to navigate the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act, including the application and Court process. The Act has 3 main aims:

1) To maximise safety, protection and wellbeing of people who fear or experience domestic violence, and to minimise disruption to their lives.

2) To prevent or reduce domestic violence and the exposure of children to domestic violence.

3) To ensure people who commit domestic violence are held accountable.

How can our criminal defence lawyers help?

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