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Our defence lawyers help you at all stages of criminal proceedings. From police interviews, bail applications, committal hearings, trials and appeals, through to applications for work licences or special hardship orders, and representation for applications to revoke probation or community service orders.

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The up-and-coming Sunshine Coast criminal defence powerhouse, Lumme Rynderman Legal, fights to defend your legal rights and interests. We ensure the best possible outcome in the event you have been charged with criminal offences. 

At Lumme Rynderman Legal, nothing is outsourced, all work is carried out by our experienced in-house Sunshine Coast lawyers who are focused on providing the best criminal defence for our clients. 

Our criminal lawyers also aim to meet client expectations regarding the legal fees involved in their representation, clearing up any confusion around the fee structure, as well as providing crystal clear, jargon-free communication at each step of the process. 


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Our Sunshine Coast solicitors also deal with traffic offences and civil matters including Domestic Violence applications, Animal Law and Peace and Good Behaviour Orders.
We also specialise in assisting clients navigate the Mental Health Court.

What to Expect when you Deal with our Criminal Lawyers

Have you been charged with your first offence?
Are you unsure of what the process of organising a criminal defence entails?
Let us clarify all the legal stepping stones along the way straight from when you first contact our criminal law solicitors.

Helpful Information

Can’t Afford a Lawyer? Legal Aid can Help.

The Lumme Rynderman criminal defence law firm is a “preferred supplier” of Legal Aid services. If you are charged with a criminal offence and you are unable to afford a criminal defence lawyer, you can apply for Legal Aid to allocate you a lawyer.

You can either lodge your application directly with Legal Aid, or through our firm.

If your application is approved, and Legal Aid appoints us, our criminal law firm then represents you as required, while deferring to Legal Aid to cover your fee payment.

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The advice that you're given can greatly affect your human rights. The timeliness of this advice is equally important.
Contacting us at the earliest opportunity is critical. Don't wait until after the Police have finished executing their search warrant or have arrested you.
The Police have just told you that you have the right to contact a friend, relative or lawyer because you should do that.

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