QLD Weapons Act Information from our Weapon Charge Lawyers

Looking for an experienced weapon charge lawyer? Maroochydore's Lumme Rynderman Legal can help. If you've been charged with a firearm or other weapon offence crime, you can get in touch with us now, or first review the QLD Weapons Act here for more information.

The QLD Weapons Act details weapon offences and licensing issues. Contact a weapon and firearm offence lawyer from Lumme Rynderman Legal for further information on any of the following issues. Alternatively, if you have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, our lawyers are here to help defend against the weapon charges brought against you.

  • Possessing illegal firearms or ammunition;
  • Supplying or trafficking in firearms;
  • Offences related to the secure storage of firearms;
  • Licence application or renewal questions;
  • Licence suspension or cancellation proceedings.

Read the QLD Weapons Act in full here.

Have you been charged with unlawful possession of weapons or ammunition, or aggravated assault, or assault with a deadly weapon? Lawyers at Lumme Rynderman Legal can help build a legal defence for any type of ammunition, weapon offence, or gun crime you may have been charged with in Queensland?

To begin, contact a weapon charge lawyer from our Maroochydore criminal law firm for a confidential discussion, and to find out what your next steps are legally.

Our team is here to help you navigate the legal process and build the strongest possible defence for your case.

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