About Us

Lumme Rynderman Legal is a Sunshine Coast criminal defense firm which provides legal advice and representation through the most stressful time in your life. Our Maroochydore solicitors cover a wide variety of criminal law, mental health and domestic violence issues.

We also specialise in Dangerous or Menacing Dog litigation involving your Local Council.

Whilst this page is headed 'About Us', this is really all about you. We don't promote our previous wins on this website with gimmicky counters because they don't matter and they don't guarantee a win for you. The right advice at the right time is what truly matters to ensure the best outcome for you. That is where our criminal solicitors shine.

Ready to get started with the right advice?

The advice that you're given can greatly affect your human rights. The timeliness of this advice is equally important.
Contacting our criminal law solicitors at the earliest opportunity is critical. Don't wait until after the Police have finished executing their search warrant or have arrested you.
The Police have just told you that you have the right to contact a friend, relative or lawyer because you should do that.

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